Lingyu (Luke) Li

Lingyu (Luke) Li

Intuitive VR developer


Skilled in Object-Oriented Programming Language and Software development tools, especially for unity 3D and C #; exceptional analytical skills.

Proficient in Oculus VR Application Development; Solid skillsets involve: ​ C++/C, C#/.NET, Git, Unity3D, AWS, Spark, CUDA, OpenGL, DirectX3D, etc.


VR Anesthesia

VR Anesthesia simulates the operating process of Anesthesia, providing students the immersive learning experience with Oculus Rift supported.

  • WebAPI for automatic feedback system in VR anesthesia
  • Real-Time Remote Online Instruction
  • Haptics Feedback for Interaction in VR
Checkout the GitHub repo


Dare2Drive is a VR drunk driving simulation game created during MIT Hackathon.

  • Customized VR Interaction to include driving features
  • Extendable Interaction class to include more customized interactions
  • Post-processing for low-poly assets
Checkout the GitHub Repo

Halo: ScarletKnight

Halo: ScarletKnight is a 3d action fighting game inspired by Halo game series.

  • Animator Controller​ Design for ragdoll​
  • Enermy behavior tree system design
  • Navigation System design for Enermy AI
Checkout the Demo Page

Maths Detective

Maths Detective is a 2D RPG style room escape game designed for high school students learning Maths.

  • Implemented ​2D Navigation system​ for the character.
  • ​Implemented the ​task systems​ and ​inventory system​ and their efficient algorithms.
  • Using ​Object pool​ and ​profiler​ to optimize the performance
Checkout the GitHub repo